This website package has it all: the site, design, management system, and all the plugins you desire.

Packages begin at $9,888 + hosting
(around $10.00 a day with approved financing)

Package Details:

The Professional Package includes:

  1. Set up on server of your choice
  2. Installation of your CMS of choice
  3. Installation of your chosen theme, with all of its included elements (Themes typically include: Home page, Portfolio/Services page, About Us page, Contact Page, javascript enabled menus, function animation, slider/graphic carousel; map; etc.)
  4. Build-out of the site content you provide
  5. Changes to color*
  6. Your logo
  7. Your graphics
  8. One set of revisions
  9. All of the plugins you want (List on Right)

Additional features available: Inventory loading**; support and maintenance; advanced SEO

*Color changes refer to CSS theme changes. Additional fees may apply for graphic design.

**Inventory loading is quoted depending on the number of products, and amount of information to load. Standard rate of inventory loading is $100/hr.


  1. E-Mail & Notifications
  2. E-Commerce System (setting up a store)
  3. E-Commerce Payment (setting up payment for the store that already exists)
  4. Social Media Set Up (enable your site to include links to social media)
  5. Forum(s) (So your users can interact)
  6. Custom Secure Contact Forms (Contact forms for a variety of applications)
  7. Social Media Push (push your site content to social media)
  8. Calendar (Let everyone know what’s up with your organization, events)
  9. Appointment Booking (Let your users book with you online!)
  10. Customer Relationship Management System (For Salesforce, Hubspot, et. al.)
  11. Pay Forms (Non-commerce) (take payments on registration)

Examples of Enterprise Package:

Michigan Medical Billers Association

Mr. Zianni Italian Suits

OIC Movies

Examples of Enterprise Websites

TucknologiesThe Enterprise Package